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Hi friend!

It’s Jess here - founder and brewer at Koru Kombucha.

Over five years ago, I started making Kombucha for myself when I was seeking an alternative to caffeinated, sugary beverages. The homemade Kombucha made me feel amazing and tasted great!

So, I set out to share this wealth with the people I love - trading in my 3-gallon fermenters for two 30-gallon stainless steel fermenters. I bought bottles by the case from a friend and went through the tedious process of de-labeling and sanitizing them. 

I started making so much Kombucha that I cleaned out my front porch to store supplies and the finished product. People would (and still do!) stop by and fill up their cases from a variety of flavors in the “Booch Porch” fridge - even when I’m not around :)

Two years ago, I outgrew my home and I am now brewing with four 90-gallon fermenters commercially at the St. Paul Brewing company on the east side of the city. Check our locations page to see where else it is sold.  I couldn’t do it without your support - thank you.

Enjoy - be you!

- jess

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Koru Kombucha’s mission is to craft and provide a delicious beverage that’s beneficial to your body

by supporting your digestive and immune systems. We believe in the power of probiotics, vitamins, antioxidants and using food and drink to heal and energize. 

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Our Values

QUALITY - Our products and ingredients will always meet our high quality standards.

KINDNESS - We believe that the world just needs more kindness, so we practice it daily.

COMMUNITY - The work we do and things we offer are meaningful and help people.

SUSTAINABILITY - Being a sustainable business is non-negotiable for us. We reuse bottles,

compost food and continually look for ways to lessen our environmental impact.

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